One-Piece Commercial Swimming Pools

One-piece Swimming Pools can be purchased as FIBREGLASS Skimmer Pool structures or Polymer SKIMMER & Polymer OVERFLOW pool styles. One piece pools can be installed quickly, without compromising its surface integrity or appearance.


Fibreglass One-Piece Swimming Pools: Easy to Install & Maintain! Fibreglass Pools have been popular because of their simplistic monolithic design and features. The advantages of a fibreglass swimming pool have always been the easy installation with very little maintenance. We carry a large inventory for immediate delivery throughout Europe.


The Skimmer One-Piece Swimming Pool has a number of unique features not to be found elsewhere. The key benefit is customised production based on your requirements and needs and with this add to it the long durability of our materials, its resistance and mechanical properties. Available in Standard and Custom Shapes.


One-piece Overflow swimming pools constantly and completely renew the water in a short period of time. To create this beautiful "Infinity Pool", edge-less effect, the water must spill over the whole perimeter of the pool.  This is accomplished by designing a filter channel that skirts the whole pool and that constantly collects water.

One Piece Fibreglass Pools On Sale

One Piece Fibreglass Pool Sycillia
One Piece Fibreglass Traditional Pool Roman Stairs
One Piece Fibreglass Pool KING
One Piece Fibreglass Pool Barbados Metallic Finish
one-piece pool structure
One-Piece Pool Structure

One-Piece Pool Benefits

The quality of our one-piece swimming pools range is unrivaled because we distribute the very latest pool construction technology.

There are many advantages to one-piece pools that make them an excellent choice for many people looking to build a pool:
  • #1 One piece pools are fast to install
  • #2 One piece pools are low maintenance
  • #3 One piece pools are durable
  • #4 One piece pools are economical
  • #5 One piece pools are customisable

We'd love help with your pool selection and purchase options, no matter the degree of customization that you desire.

Call 01268 710425 and get a competitive pool price quote, tailored for your needs.

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