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Extensive pool models, ranging from fibreglass to Dura polymer, offer a diverse array of options for individuals seeking a durable and stylish swimming pool solution. Fiberglass pools are renowned for their smooth, non-porous surfaces, making them resistant to algae and easy to maintain. The material is also known for its flexibility, allowing for various design possibilities. On the other hand, Dura polymer pools showcase exceptional strength and longevity, with the added advantage of being lightweight and easily customisable. These pools often feature advanced technology that enhances their structural integrity, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting aquatic experience. Whether you prioritise low maintenance, innovative design, or robust construction, the broad spectrum of pool models available caters to different preferences and needs in the realm of aquatic enjoyment.

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B2B Partners and Affiliates can place their orders in a variety of ways. We recommend those new to MY POOL DIRECT to Order by Phone to ensure that everything you need is acknowledged, up-front. Those more familiar with our swimming pool inventory may use our online Ordering Form. Choice of pool type, size, colour & finish, and accessories are easily selectable.


We try our best to provide the most up-to-date photos provided to us by our customer pool installations. We also have pool and accessory PDF Catalogues and Price Sheets to be downloaded off of this website.


MY POOL DIRECT Staff have MANY years of accumulated swimming pool knowledge and technical expertise. Our goal is to make your new adventure EASY as an Affiliate or B2B Partner, providing you with the tools necessary to be successful. If you have any questions, please ASK!

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Quality Fibreglass Pool Structures

MY POOL DIRECT sells and distributes quality Fibreglass Swimming Pool Structures (One-Piece Shells for inground installation) in BULK QUANTITIES direct from our large warehouse, based in the United Kingdom.

Our polyester fiberglass model range offers variations in size, features, and colour finish. Our very popular 3D-Metallic finish looks simply amazing under hotel indoor spa lighting as well as under the sun’s rays in rental home back gardens.

Full Product Range Availability

MY POOL DIRECT Affiliates and B2B Partners can choose from our entire range of swimming pool products and accessories, including custom Bespoke Pools, Retractable Enclosures, Pool Covers, Heating, and complete pool kit Accessories.

One-piece Swimming Pools can be purchased as BESPOKE Polymer OVERFLOW or BESPOKE Polymer SKIMMER pool packages – installed quickly, without compromising its surface integrity or appearance. Due to varying weather conditions throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, many commercial pool installations are made indoors or undr an attractive and energy-saving retractable enclosure.

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