Starting A Swimming Pool Business

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A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Business in the Swimming Pool Industry

No matter how you came to the decision, opting to start a swimming pool business can be a great move. But it is important to know the proper steps to take to start that business from scratch so that it can grow into a successful endeavour. Follow this guide and you will have the tools that you need to begin this new business and put yourself in a position to succeed.

Create a Business Plan

Any good business needs a business plan. Without a business plan, it isn’t feasible to believe that your business will get off the ground. The business plan is just that: an idea of what the first five years will look like from a financial standpoint, what the projected revenue will be, potential pitfalls, etc. A business helps to reduce the chance of unexpected problems, allowing the business owner to prepare for the negatives to the best of their ability. By preparing for potential problems, business owners can navigate that potential minefield with greater success. If you have never constructed a business plan of your own, consider turning to a professional business plan writer. Just keep in mind that outsourcing this responsibility doesn’t mean that you will have none during the writing process. After all, a professional business plan writer can only do so much without you inputting the information. Outsource, but remain involved to get the most accurate business plan possible.

Learn More About the Pool Industry

How can you hope to succeed in an industry that you know nothing about? It can start with basic knowledge and branch out to more specific business-related portions of owning and operating a pool sales business. Start by learning about all types of swimming pools. Learn how swimming pools are manufactured, why people like them, and even review the best selling pool shapes and sizes.

The point being that no one can succeed in an industry if they know nothing about it. Even if you happen to own an above ground or inground swimming pool, that doesn’t mean that you know the first thing about them. Seek out fellow entrepreneurs to talk to about the business. Pick their brain and learn what they are willing to teach. Best of all, many experienced swimming pool B2B distributors will be willing to share their experiences. It only takes a phone call to the MY POOL DIRECT Commercial business office in the UK to find help. It can be an invaluable tool for a newbie to the business.

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Know Your Swimming Pool Competition

Another common business practice is to take a look at the swimming pool competition in your geographic area. There are a couple of reasons to do this. The first is that you can see what works. Starting a pool business is not recreating the wheel. Not everything that you do will be 100% unique to you. By looking at what similar businesses are doing well, you can help cut down the learning curve by copying those things. You don’t want to copy a business’ name or look, but the business model can be a great place to start. Look at how they list swimming pool models and accessories. Look at how they promote their business. Look at their inventory and try to get a feel for what moves and what doesn’t. These can be invaluable to a new business that struggles to find its footing in a new market. Moreover, you can get a better idea of who the competition is in your immediate area. Understanding which businesses serve which local neighbourhoods can help you to know if an area has been saturated or if there is still room for growth. All of these factors can come together to provide invaluable information for a pool startup business. Particularly in the early months of the business, where things are new and finding the market is still a process, it can help make the growing pains less substantial.

Starting from scratch with a business is certainly appealing. After all, being able to build from the ground up can be appealing to our ego. Not only that, building from the ground up is a great way to put your own stamp on your business, provide completely unique branding, and so on. But starting from the ground up is also a much more difficult endeavour than simply buying an existing business. Not only that, but the scales will tip in favour of a business that is already established. And setting yourself up for success is what it is all about.

Even better, buying an established business provides a foundation. It could mean something as simple as a name but can also include inventory, vendor relationships, a storefront, and about a thousand other things that can be difficult to obtain when starting a business. Keep in mind that this may not be a viable option depending on what area you are setting up in. If there aren’t any suitable dealers in a business-for-sale transaction, you will have no choice but to start from scratch. These are all factors to keep in mind when starting a spa and hot tub business.

Consider Becoming an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate may not offer the unique, one-of-a-kind business building opportunity that you dreamed of, but it could provide the most successful path possible.

Becoming a MY POOL DIRECT Affiliate can offer quite a few things. For one, it can provide you with the baseline that you need to be successful. This means a commercial support, inventory, marketing and advertising tools, and a brand name to build on. When trying to become successful and make money off of your swimming pool business, having all of the tools in place from the jump can be infinitely invaluable.

Just keep in mind that this may not be an option. Swimming pool sales aren’t quite as prevalent as some other major product types, so you will need to look around your area to even find the best opportunity. Still, for the best path to success, there may be no better option than becoming an affiliate. Having all of the tools presented to you at the start can help to eliminate the growing pains that can come with owning and operating a business.

When it comes to starting a fibreglass swimming pool business, there is no easy path and each one offers its own unique set of challenges and benefits. Learn more about the industry, study the competition, and give yourself every tool possible to grow in the pool industry. These are all the necessary starting blocks to get moving down the right path, establishing your pool business and setting it up for all the potential successes in the world.

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